*Have you thought about or wished you could move back to your hometown in Knox County, NE?

This is a networking program connecting former Knox County residents with opportunities in their hometown.


How does it work?

  • Alumni are identified who would consider moving back to Knox County if a “certain situation would occur or job would become available.”
  • List is monitored and if a situation happens that matches, individuals are contacted.
  • Confidential – Only administrator has access. Knox County Roots will never give out a participant’s name or contact information.

Is there a situation that might bring you back to Knox County?

  • A certain job or career? The great thing about Knox County Roots is there doesn’t have to be an immediate job opening to help you. Even though it may take anywhere from weeks to years before the right match occurs, someone will be working for you to identify those opportunities that may not be easily found.
  • Retirement? – Retiring former residents looking for housing and other info to move back to their hometown to be close to family and friends and enjoy the recreational and quality of life opportunities that only Knox County can offer.
  • Business opportunity? Have you ever thought about buying or starting a business in your hometown? Knox County Roots will alert you of businesses for sale and put you in contact to explore those opportunities.

*Knox County Roots is a program designed and operated by the Knox County Development Agency